What Is United Way?
  United Way is a volunteer system designed to identify and anticipate community needs, develop plans to address these needs, and raise the financial resources necessary to do so.

  Volunteers allocate the funds raised each year to local member agencies. These agencies provide a full range of health and human services representing the needs and concerns of all age and economic groups.

  United Way of Massac County is our community's largest voluntary organization. It is run by a local volunteer board of directors, which sets policies and direction. They also guide and coordinate all volunteer activities, such as allocations, the fundraising campaign, planning and communications.

Why Should I Give To United Way Instead Of Directly To The Agency?
  No single agency can meet all community needs. Random giving will not maintain all the vital programs in our community. An investment in United Way benefits a wide range of health and human service member agencies and organizations. Combining fund raising efforts allow the agencies to concentrate on their primary purpose of providing services.

Why Don't All Agencies Belong To A Local United Way?
 Once a year our United Way accepts applications for funding. Agencies must meet eligibility criteria including:  
   Certified "not for profit" 501(c) 3 agency
   Have a volunteer Board of Directors
   Present a complete audit of expenditure
   Deliver local services and benefits. 

  Some qualified agencies elect not to participate under the United Way's umbrella because their objectives are national in scope and cannot be altered by local volunteers input as prescribed by United Way's system of allocating funds. Others object to the restrictions concerning solicitation activities during United Way campaign.

  United Way of Massac  County maintains an "open door" policy and will make every attempt to include any qualified agency desiring membership.

Who Allocates The Money?
  Local volunteers study community needs and analyze costs and benefits. These volunteers from business, labor, government and the private community make the allocation decisions, thereby providing accountability to the individual investor.

What Is The Relationship Between United Way Of America And United Way Of Massac  County? 
  United Way of America is a national organization for local United Ways. United Way of Massac County receives from United Way of America the following; research data, professional training, NFL advertising promotions, monitoring of federal legislative issues and the right to use the United Way emblem. United Way of American does not set governance policies for United Way of Massac County.

How Can I Become Involved With United Way?
  United Way of Massac  County has volunteer opportunities available for those who want to help their communities by identifying needs, raising funds or allocating funds to member agencies. There are also many opportunities to help our member agencies. Please contact United Way of Massac County and ask about volunteer opportunities by contacting one of the President Co-Chairs listed below.

 Caroline Jones   -   President Co-Chair 618-524-8100   cjones@metrofncgrp.com
Candace Ginger  -  President Co-Chair 618-524-2162 


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