The CAC provides victims of child abuse with a friendly home-like atmosphere.  The CAC is geared just for children.

A non-threatening site for forensic interviews is provided at the CAC.  Specially trained professionals conduct the interviews.

Specially trained practitioners conduct forensic medical exams in a brightly decorated exam room.

An advocate is assigned to each child and the child’s family to act on behalf of the child’s best interests.

 Center staff help connect the child and non-offending family with other community services such as counseling, medical care and/or financial assistance.

Multi-disciplinary meetings are held monthly in each county the CAC serves.

The CAC is able to provide child abuse education programs to community organizations, civic organizations, PTA’s, schools, churches and businesses.  These programs are available no cost to those interested.



The mission of Two Rivers Child Advocacy Center (CAC) is to provide a coordinated, multi-disciplinary approach to child sexual and serious physical abuse investigations, which recognize the special needs of child victims while demanding accountability for the crime of child abuse.



The goal of the team approach is to reduce the trauma to the victims during the investigation & prosecution of the crime committed against the child.


ü          The team process employs a multi- discipline approach in dealing with issues of child abuse.

 ü          The team is comprised of members from Child Protective Services (DCFS), Law Enforcement, State’s Attorney’s Offices, Medial Personnel and Mental Health Counselors.

 ü          The team approach strives to hold offenders accountable through improved prosecution.

 ü          The team approach decreases the trauma that children face when they have been victims of sexual or serious physical abuse.

 ü          The team approach reduces that number of interviews a child must endure.


Two  Rivers  Child  Advocacy  Center


              How can you make a difference?              

 Two rivers CAC began providing services for abused children in Southern Illinois in August 2001.  Our goal is to lessen the trauma that children endure after they disclose that they have been abused.  The CAC provides a safe, child friendly environment for the child to talk.  The CAC is designed to provide the best available aid through an interdisciplinary team for the investigation and prosecution of sexual and/or serious physical abuse to a child.  The CAC is funded in part by government grants but relies heavily on private donations from people like you.  If you would like to know more, look inside.  If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation, please mail to:


Two Rivers Child Advocacy Center

P.O. Box 467

Anna, Illinois 62906

Phone: 618-833-7470    Fax: 618-833-7579


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